Can I give a survey to my customers?

Has anyone done any kind of survey? I have questions I would love answered. Do people use the loops? Do people only ever use the main audio file? etc etc


I think it would be a great thing to know if loop versions or soecific cuts or snippets are relevant to the customers. +1!!!

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The very limited feedback I have got from people who have purchased my music is that they use the loops or the full track. I am wondering if I should make more loop versions rather than “short” versions.

I do need music from time to time for projects, so I might answer this.
I do appreciate if the music comes with short versions, but rarely they are a perfect fit for my timeline. Loops are more versatile, so often times I use those. Almost never I use 3+ minute versions, but thats just because my projects are usually shorter.

I have cut my own loops out of longer music tracks I bought if they weren’t included, so I guess a loop is always great to have.


Thanks, just the kind of information I was hoping to get!