Can I get Feedback on this Spearfishing logo

Hi everyone,

can I get feedback of this spearfishing logo template (not ready for sending for approval) I was really focusing on nice color balance use of complementary colors, right shades of color and contrasting colors with background.
then I chose combination of Neon font with Open Sans font hope is matching well.

Thank you for you honest feedback

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hi jake, for me, to be honest , this is a bit flat what u have here and in particular when it comes to concept … i understand the initial idea but quite frankly what u are expecting from a logo is that this is taking the brand beyond the fact of having a mere silhouette displaying the activity , not to mention that , if your thing is harmonious right now, at the same time, the typo is also very flat and not bringing much relief or originality to the table indeed. The flagging in the center does not seem to be properly done, which is even more a problem that your illustration part tend to bring some misbalance to the table because of the variation that the shape is implying …

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Thank you for your feedback, what do you think about color combination and contrast between background as this was my main problem regarding colors, shades…

Thank you for your reply.