Can i get copyright striked for this?

Hey to anyone reading this, i recently started on a track in which i took a sample from what i think is a popular song and made it lo fi. I was thinking about putting putting it on audio jungle once im finished with it, but i wanted to know from anyone weather i can get copryright striked for doing so. I sampled it from a tik tok and dont know the actual name of the song however when I imported it into my DAW I increased the pitch by 200 cents; you can hear the sample at 0:16
Thanks for reading. Any response would be appreciated as i have no clue as to what the laws are.

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It is not allowed.

Where is my mind - Pixies.


I am frequently working as a file checker for another library. (But I am not a reviewer though :-).
From there I know than whenever samples from another song are audible and recognizable,
they need to be clarified first.

Even if they are edited, they retain the original copyright as long as they are recognizable.

But I only know the basic rules and I am just an audio engineer. Other members in the forum (such as PurpleFog or RedOctopus) surely know more about it. They are the experts here.
I only can advise you to not use samples without clarification - even if edited. Basically like Manriquedelara mentioned already, this would be forbidden since it’s considered copyright infringement.


It’s not just a sample though, it’s a straight up cover. Definitely not allowed unless the track is in the public domain. Covering it that is… not sampling an existing version.


But… It is only a common way of thinking (I have heard it is based on “some” lawsuits verdicts). There is no official international law saying this so basically it is not allowed to use others samples without a permission, license, even though they are not recognizable. In theory.

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Hm…interesting point. Maybe in the end it probably comes down to “no penalty without a law”.
In other words, if no one charges you, there will be no legal dispute.

However, that also depends on how popular a title will be - I assume. If it only reaches a few people, no one will care about legal issues. But what if the numbers run into millions? At this point, some may listen more carefully to get a piece of the pie - and try legal actions.

One of the main problems perhaps is that digital assets such as photos or music are still considered “free” once they are online (which of course is not true as we know).

But again, that’s just my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback much appreciated :slight_smile:
also thanks @RedOctopus @SpaceStockFootage and @Manriquedelara

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Strictly speaking, in terms of the rules, it is not allowed.

Practically, if the sample is processed/mangled beyond recognition, then you may be able to “get away” with it, as some have done here on AJ and countless do on Spotify (and there, even mangling is not required.)

Around 20 years ago, I took what was literally a couple milliseconds of piano off some commercially available CD and just for fun, put it into a sampler and made a fretless bass patch out of it. Technically, even that wasn’t “allowed”…


You are caught :grinning:

what exactly you sampled?

A tik tok with a the piano track in the background

you mean the whole melody? thats not allowded. as others say, only if its creative way of using it and not sounding at all like the original is possible.

Yeah i just heard it and thought it would do well by itself without any fancy mx ups or chopping. Perhaps i should try and mess around with the sample next time. Thanks for the feedback.