Can I feature a track on my portfolio?


Hi all! I’ve only got one track up so far so not enough for a collection, I was wondering if there’s a way I can feature it on my portfolio page so it’s embedded there? I noticed a lot of authors have a track in the bar on the right on the portfolio page, but maybe that’s only for Envato featured tracks. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Geoff!

Anyone can choose an item to display on their profile page. Just go to the “settings” tab and go to “featured item”. You should be able to choose your track there and it will be showcased on the bottom right of your profile :wink:



Thanks James, how did I manage to miss that?? Your work is amazing by the way, I commented on one of your inspiring tracks and followed you to see where you go next. Best of luck! :smiley:


Thanks so much, Geoff! I’m flattered :slight_smile:

You need to upload some more tracks so I return the favour :smiley: