Can I export/import car data from them "Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme"

Hi all,

I’m taking over a website which been built couple years ago, its wordpress using old “Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme”, I have purchased the new theme and clone the site everything goes well except the old site have 240 cars listing for sell, Is there a simple way I Export/import all car data to the new site?



I think you can do that! still any question you can ask your purchase item author @themesuite right here as a comments


Thanks for a positive answer, May I know how to do that? Or where could I find the answer in the forum?

I used the function on Theme option Export/Import it doesn’t work well, no data been loaded (could be different version of the theme, new theme contains more fields)

theme options Export/Import will not work for product data Export/Import. you have to do it manually or have to use any other Export/Import plugins as like WordPress Importer (free).


Hi mgscoder,

Thanks a lot and I did export/import all car data into new site. However, those cars in new site is NOT EDITABLE! please see attachment. and they are duplicated (which is fine I can delete them one by one)
How could I make them editable?

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please make sure current logedin user is a admin or editor or author. may be current logedin user is not admin or editor or author and that’s why you can’t see edit options.


HI mgscoder,

Thanks a lot, I have got all above issue fixed. However, When I view the car inventory there is a warning message

" Warning : preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home2/mydomain/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1602

How to fix it?


Hi @karlso

Please make sure your website theme, plugins and wordpress all uptodate with latest version.

it is coding bugs and to fix it you have to contact theme author.

How to contact an author: