Can I download Elements items in smaller file sizes?

Hey there,

I just subscribed to Elements - love it.

I could save some time if I could choose a smaller file size, so I don’t have to do that after downloading?
If not, what would you suggest to bulk change file size? Some of my apps require 1 MB file size max.


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Hello - choosing smaller file size is not available - you are downloading what author uploaded so there is no choice but actually you can get some benefits from this learning very simple and very usefull skill in photoshop - read below :slight_smile:

If you need reduce file sizes there are many ways to do this (a bulk method = many files with “one click”)

I am using photoshop droplet method. What is this method →

You are creating droplet and all things are going to be done automatically, this method allows you to order the photoshop to do anything (almost) what you want.

I am strongly recommend you the youtube video from PiximPerfect - video named “Edit 1000s of Images WITHOUT OPENING PHOTOSHOP!”

This is genious tutorial he made about automation in photoshop where he’s describing droplet very clearly.

What is the result? → You take your folder with files (100, 200 or 10 000 if you wish) and drag and drop this folder to droplet and photoshop will do the things automatically.

Welcome to Elements by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I will check it out. Sounds like just what I need.