Can I download a logo and edit it a bit and then use it as my startup logo forever?

… and by edit it I mean delete or add some parts and texts to it… I have a paid subsicription for a year by the way. I don’t plan to use Envato Elements forever though. Just the one year. But I want to use the logo forever. Thank you.

Hi @CheeseCakeUX,

Yes, you can but you have to register the logo template for your project within your subscription active. You cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription.


To add to that you cannot trademark or service mark it when in use

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@charlie4282 Thanks for the answer. I can not trademark it even if I change a lot of it?

Nope unfortunately not

@mgscoder Thanks for the answer. Is selecting a project when downloading the logo enough for the registration?

you can add license directly from your downloads page. Just click the little “add a license” link below the download button.


Thank you so much guys. Have a nice day!