Can i delete music track if it is in the pack?



So, that’s the question! is it allowed?


I don’t know , but I’m very interested )


I have seen this few times.


i think it’s a bad story


The only logical thing is to delete both. Because if you hadnt have the track you couldnt upload the pack .


As I hear form other authors pack with deleted track can be soft rejected.
You can replace the track that you want to delete by another track in this pack and that delete it from AJ.


I mean, can i delete one of tracks after i upload pack. So, i can rearrange packs?


It’s better to update pack with other item or delete both, i think.


As stated in the upload instructions you must link to every track in the description, so I interpret that as all tracks in a pack must still exist as individual tracks.

The description should contain a list of each individual item contained in your pack, along with the corresponding duration/length of each item.
There must be hyperlink included so each track listed links to corresponding item already on AudioJungle. So for example, your description will contain a list that looks similar to…


Thank you guys for help!


Yes, you can rearrange packs :slight_smile:


Thanks! I didn’t know that!