Can I delete an item after approval but before an edit of the same item has been approved

Hi to all ! Just had an item approval but would now like to delete it as I have submitted an edit for the same song and I don’t want anyone to buy it before the edit has been approved. Just wondering if the reviewer will have a copy of my original to compare it to the edited version if I delete it from my portfolio ?

Don’t delete it!! If someone should buy it in the meantime, it’s a risk work taking, since deleted tracks are essentially gone for ever.
Just get your edit uploaded and hope for the best.

Hey EightBallAudio ! Thanks for your reply really appreciate it, you have just saved me a P.I.T.A. scenario .
phew !
Cheers :smile:

Does anyone know whether I am right in thinking that if you’ve purchased a track you get automatic notification of any subsequent updates to the files?

If you bought the item you can set automatic reminder (via email) for updates.

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Also, if someone buys it. They get both the old, already downloaded version, plus the new updated version.

I would update the already approved and either include both versions or simply replace the old with a new version. Plus, updates only takes a day or two. No need to re-upload and wait for 14 days again.

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