Can i create core php applications for codecanyon

Hello, i created an application with core php and boostrap and that got rejected, but i don’t know the reason, i want to know is the codecanyon will approve my core php applications in future or should i write in with a framework ?

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Core php and framework both are fine for the codecanyon but for getting approve will need to be quality standard.


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clean code , and decent documentation is perfect ? and all codes comment with good info
anything else should i care about

should to be unique aesthetics design, premium features, secure coding, well coding structure, error free coding, good documentation etc. should to take care. Thanks

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can i use paid or free admin panel designs for my applications

for using paid item you have to purchase extended license also you have to get their permision to use it in your item. Free you can use if they have full 100% permission (as like MIT license) to use in commercial purpose.


Thanks alot for your valuable informations …