Can i creat this nice animation pic with slider Revolution?

I have find it on slider R. Website

Can also creat it with the plugin?


@isarcolor, can you provide a direct link to the slider that you’re looking to recreate? …or are you saying that the slider that you’re trying to recreate is currently located on the Slider Revolution website?

if it is located on their website, you can most likely use the advanced functionality in RevSlider to import Slider Demos into your project. you’d have to have an active RevSlider license to access those advanced features, but if you do, they’re very easy to import.

Dear splaquet,
thanks for reply, yes i want to buy advance license. But my question is, can i creat the similar building animation when i scroll down? I have find the animation on
The second picture animation. Its this make with slider revolution plugin?

Very thanks for your feedback.

Hi @isarcolor,

Thanks for your interest in our Slider Revolution plugin. What you see on this page is created using Slider Revolution. However, this template is not shared with the public and you’ll need to recreated it from scratch on your own. It uses the “On Scroll” feature as explained here and a Youtube Video here . If you need further guidance, purchase a copy of the plugin here and the license key you receive will allow you to open a support ticket in our support center where a member of our team will attend to you asap! and also, you’ll receive the additional benefits listed here: