Can I convert a rejected AE project to a MOGRT 2021 and submit it again?

My AE project was rejected. Can I make the same project in MOGRT and submit it for consideration?

If the rejection was due to quality, then no, it will have all the same issues that got it rejected in the first place.

Generally if an item is rejected, you cannot resubmit it. You can only resubmit the item if you have made very significant changes which essentially makes it a new item.

@XioxGraphix If the item was a total box of turd, then yes, it makes no sense to submit it in other categories. Else sometimes items get rejected because of too much competition/saturation in the category. Other less saturated and competitive categories might be a perfect fit for such an item that is generally high quality, but not so perfect to compete with the best of the best.

So yes if, if the author believes that the item doesn’t have glaring quality problems, then it makes sense to try and convert it to a mogrt project.

Maybe, but Envato specifically says that you cannot resubmit a hard rejected item, if you do then you risk losing your upload rights.

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