Can I continue printing new batches after the end of subscription?

New possible customer here.

I am trying to find an illustration for a book cover to be published soon. We liked a few, especially one of the works here on Envato.

The publisher requested us to ensure they would be able to produce this in the future, so I have to ask:

Can we produce future batches of prints of the same book design once licensed on Envato even after removing subscription of the paid service?

I know the question is a bit tacky, and as my understanding, this is possible, I still need an official confirmation. As for us, we certainly think about keeping our subscription for following design possibilities for our upcoming events for the book. My next question:

Can I print flyers, posters, documents containing the book cover which in turn containing the image/modified version of image licensed over Envato, or should I create another license for each use? How about third parties publishing my book covers in their print/websites?

I hope this is a valid question. I could not find the answers to these exact questions otherwise.

No, you can’t continue printing new batches after the end of the subscription.

Thank you for the response. The terms were not clear for me.

Is there a way to buy the illustration indefinitely on the platform?

Find it on graphicriver

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