Can I change the published date of a existing Item ?

Hi, I have an HTML template (Leisure - Responsive E-commerce HTML5 Template by rp-themez | ThemeForest). I am working on an update as the theme hasn’t been updated for a while. But to promote the item once the update is done, I think changing publish date might increase market reach. Recently I found a theme, which is at least 2 years old, but they have made an update and now publish date has been changed. (For your Ref. Mitech - IT Solutions And Services Company HTML Template by BootXperts). If anyone has any info, please share. Thank you.

In short no you can’t - otherwise people would just keep making small changes to try and reappear on the home page.

The example you shared does show the date updated but that look Iike a glitch and it didn’t reappear on the home feed around that date