Can I change php framework of my existing Item?

Hi, I have an Item in CodeCanyon which was developed with the Codeigniter PHP framework. I want to rebuild it with the Laravel PHP framework. Can I do it? Is there any restriction?

The issue may be related to the first PHP framework that some of your buyers may be still using it and this could be a problem for you.

Otherwise, you can change the framework and re-submit the item by notifying the reviewers. If they approve the item, there’d be no issue


Yes you can but your customers will have a hard time updating their current version to the latest one because they’ll probably need to re-install everything.

Obviously, I will try to add upgradation system.

Codeigniter and Laravel are 2 different mvc and they have their own coding style. If you are thinking about upgrading from Codeigniter to Laravel then it never can be a good practice and there is a most possibility (and I confirm from my side) will not be acceptable by the reviewer. If your item got trust update approved then your exist customer can report to your item also can request refund. you should keep uptodate your item to compatible with Codeigniter latest version not should to upgrade to a different mvc as like Laravel.

If you like to build your item in Laravel then you can create a new item with Laravel and upload as a new item and in comments for the reviewer you can mention you have already approved Item made with Codeigniter.

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