Can I change item category?

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if I can change my product category from JavaScript to PHP Script.
I used PHP Laravel for API and Vue CLI for the frontend and admin panel. It also has PWA support.
At first, I submitted the item on PHP Script category but the reviewer hard-rejected my item without even checking properly. I checked the server log, he just checked 2 pages.
After that I made some major changes and re-submitted again in the JavaScript category and it got approved.
I was wondering if it’s possible to change the item category to PHP because people who want this kind of script usually look for them in the php script category. I might get better sales if it’s on php category.
I know I’ve to contact the support team to change the category but I’m afraid what if the old reviewer deletes my item.
Here’s my item: Rewardy - Status App with Reward Points + PWA + Backend

Please suggest me what should I do.
Thanks in advance.

You don’t have other option to change the category. Only option is contact author support. Explain them why you want to change and mentioned your required category. Item reviewer will review your concern and if your demand logical then reviewer will change your Item category from their side.

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Can you please check my item and let me know if I did something wrong to worry about?