Can I ask for rate my product via comment?

I wonder is there any policy on following points:

  • Can I ask customer for rating via comment?
  • Can I recommend customer to communicate via email for details instead of comment box?

There’s no official policy, so yes to both. :slight_smile:

I do it all the time, but only over private support not in comments. When a customer has an issue with or a question about my products and is happy with the support delivered I kindly ask them to leave a positive rating (if they’re happy with the product as well that is). It’s one of the rare chances you get to communicate directly with your clients so you best make the most of it.

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You’re right! And it’s a pity that sometimes customers forget to rate. I think this should be an important step on the product purchases. I think Envato should implement some kind of a method where customers should always rate author or product.
But we need to stick to the only way we’ll have for asking this for customers, which really is, kindly asking for them to rate their experience with us (authors), and the use of the product.

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Are there rules against PAYING someone for positive reviews? Because that’s their new strategy.

They would need to buy your item first to be able to rate it and even then this would be a very shady approach which you wouldn’t be allowed to do. (this is answering the latest comment not the first one)