Can I advert customization on my pages?

Can I write in my profile page or in item page- Info about my prices for customization of my items or someone else?
Is it allowed?

Good question. I don’t think so. It could conflict with the Envato Studio… But I’m not sure.

95% sure it is not allowed

Why not, It is allowed, nothing wrong in it

I cant understand why not allowed.

This text has many profiles
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It conflicts envato studio too

I want to provide my rates for example for people who dont want to spent time on waiting my answer

I can’t find anything related to this topic at the help center, that is why I recommend you check this with the help team here.

Please see this Help Center Article -

You can not promote installation and customization services on your item pages.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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f. Promises of included installation and customization services.
You mean this?
I not promise fearter installation or customization of my item -if someone buy my item.
It is different

It means if you promise to customize or install the item if they purchase it etc. :smile:

Because Envato earns nothing from them (your customisations). You only use their platform for your own intereset.