Can I add a function to trace installations?

Hi all.

This question is about a WP theme.

Can I add a function(wp_mail) to trace(via mail) installations with some info each time my theme gets installed or activated?
Information are the website name, description, the url, date, IP and the admin email…

The real question is: Do you or/and themeforest consider that immoral, illegal or even malicious?


No, you can do that, if you do mask the function right. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “mask the function”?

You cannot add any tracking or hidden functionality to items. Thanks!

Hi I thought BasilisKanonidis said that I CAN do that.
Anyway there is at least one theme on themeforest that has this kind of “tracking” function.
You have a PM.

There are multiple themes that done that, not only one.
There are themes who are validating under their own license system and more and more stuff

Validation is different situation.
Buyers are aware that the author will retrieve information that they are willing to give in order to install their theme.
On the other hand mail function that sends various information without knowledge of the buyer on theme activation might considered malicious.