Can freelancers use this platform to make money?

Hello Guys. I’m a freelancer, and I know very few web development technologies.

  1. HTML,
  2. CSS,
  3. Tailwind CSS,
  4. Bootstrap,
  5. JavaScript,
  6. ReactJs,
  7. NextJs
  8. NodeJs (ExpressJs)
  9. PHP
  10. Figma

I tried all these technologies to create some products and sell them to ThemeForest, and all of my work was rejected without any reason. So my question is:

  1. This platform(ThemeForest) is only for companies with over 100 employees?
  2. Can freelancers use this platform to make money?
  3. If freelancers can make money, which technologies (I listed above in my question) are best for them?
  4. I feel like this platform is very saturated, yet they still accept anything from individual freelancers?
  5. Which web development technology is still not saturated, and which is easy to accept by this platform?

I was struggeled sell my knowledge in this platform last 4 years. So your answers will be very helpful for me.
Any discord or Community groups are there for themeforest developer?