Can Envato pls just make a chat room for different forum sections?



Sometimes people are in a hurry, sometimes people want to hang out, sometimes people are looking for collabs or want to chat with specific people about the market, sometimes people just have a quick question that can be answered in seconds, it can bring authors, buyers and staff all together with ease. I’ve seen a growing number of sites with forums adapt a chat room for everyone and I usually see good results, so Envato, please strongly consider having chat rooms for the different markets. I’m also noticing there’s a lot of things people want to say but there isn’t an efficient way for people to express it. Do we really need 2000 one-sentence posts about the same thing in every topic anyway? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let people have a regular conversation?


hi some of the things that u mentioned can already be done, u can chat with someone in particular in private for instance , now for the lack of categories i think that your request is legitimate but that this is incompatible with Envato’ s intentions and that they are not likely to change anything so u’d better get used to this way of working …


But you can’t chat with a bunch of people at once like with a normal conversation…


really u cannot? i am not so sure, u ask sone guys to join a thread that is a conversation between two people in private this is not working?


Well not really because is there any reason to have a thread littered with repetition of the same things over and over again? This way people can express iterated complaints within the chat room but still keep the forums organized for more informative topics. It’s also a lot more efficient for expressing ideas efficiently to do it in real time, then you can also explain points more clearly and what you mean, and you know that the other person got the message, you know you’re talking with them, you don’t just leave for hours and randomly check in to type one paragraph, plus it’s faster.


well let me highly disagree with u about what u have just written , the goal of the forums is to express period, not to have only information … if so why not going to Envato’s blog to read fresh news there … the real deal about the forums is to be able to express , that is what this is all about , expressing, exchanging, debating, agreeing, disagreeing and so on. This is also a unique opportunity for authors to indicate what they feel has to be embettered, what bothers them or what makes them feel concerned . besides, if people do repeatedly this is because nothing is changing in the right way so we can wander who is to blame for this, in my view, not necessarily authors for their run here is not a game and thus that cannot be taken lightly … if they complain this is not out of pure pleasure but because they have to make a living, sell , feel considered and so on, in exchange of their hard work and their desire of bringing as good quality items as possible


well let me completely point out the flaw with u about what u have just written , the goal of this thread is to express information regarding a change in the goal of the forums to mainly information for formal requests or changes … if so why haven’t I ever noticed Envato’s blog despite the big deal I make about coming here? Expressing, exchanging, debating, agreeing, disagreeing and so on was invented in the form of speech and not internets, to give a unique opportunity to participants to quickly exchange complex ideas, what bothers them or what makes them feel concerned. besides, if people didn’t repeatedly post the same thing over and over instead of clogging the forums it would be because something is changing in the right way so we can wonder who is to blame for changes, in my opinion, and we can also wonder why more and more sites are adding chat rooms, hope you understand better this because I’ve never luck had talking with you no matter how I’ve said it.


well if so i guess there are specific sections. in addition, i am not sure that u are aware of this or not but , if so envato did not understand the purpose of their own forums and i cannot identify why they ask guys to go to visit the forums and ask other guys for advice when they are rejected , which necessarily bring some kinds of discussions as the ones u do not like … . Furthermore, dealing with news is also the opened door to discussing about what people are complaining about insofar as , unless news is really good, some guys may not be happy with the latest additions and so on … and thus express it, where are they supposed to do otherwise?

as for the blog of envato, maybe u do not know about it but it does exist and if u are looking for some corporate-like kind of information , free from any kind of criticism at all , u should better go there i guess , i presume it will be all about information and no doubt that u are not going to see anyone complain there … (that may bother sone guys but authors have still a right to express here , what a boon)

well basically what u are saying is that this si not a community here and we are all wandering what we are doing here … to read info from envato? they’d better subscribe us to the newsletter then … maybe u did not notice about it but the world is changing and what a lot of people did in the past physically now they do these things online / virtually / digitally or whatever u may call it …

well maybe u should ask for authors to be a bit more heard then, i guess that a whole lot of guys would like what u would be trying to do then … if they repeat thesis because nothing is being done and because these points are really issues for them, also because some guys make part of their living here and there is nothing fun or whatever if u ask them., i personally know no guy who is complaining just to complain , that does not meant does not exist, maybe u can find a few isolated guys , but they are not numerous for sure, all the others have real issues to discuss , sone issue that are in the center of their professional and thus more general life!

who is to blame for changes , well i am not sure what u mean by that but if u ask many guys i cam guaranty u that many of the changes that occurred they were not asked by guys out here and that in many cases if they could these guys would have made sure that nothing had changed instead …

now for your private chat room, i have nothing against this indeed , now if u want to know how i really feel about it , a lot of guys would consider this kind of addition as secondary issue , just like u do with what a lot of guys do not consider as such … as for me , no doubt in my mind if there is to choose between something the fate of authors for good , i would prefer this rather than having some very optional additional chat setting that a lotto guys would probably judge as rather superfluous …

finally i think that this is not a matter of luck , i think that you have your own opinions and i have mine and that they are in most cases deeply incompatible