Can be a design of a bought theme copied/reworked?

Example: A wp theme is made with WPbakery builder and I like the design, I buy the theme, but I “copy” the design by creating it with Bricks builder instead.
Is this allowed?

Hi @forusak, You can get inspiration from the theme design but copy design never can’t be a good idea. What is your intention to copy the design? for your personal use?

hi @mgscoder, it is not good idea even when you buy it? It is for a business, I just don’t like used tools.
Or another good example can be when a theme is not updated for years, but design is ok.

If you purchased the theme and don’t like to use the bundle page builder and you like to use the design then you can for your personal use (for your business/personal website).

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Alright thank you :slight_smile: