Can authors use Google Search Console?




Is there a way for authors to use Google Search Console? Analytics access is really nice, but GSC is really awesome as well. Has anyone been able to make it work on your item pages?



I also tried some time ago, but it seems it’ not possible.

To be able to use the Search Console with an item page, the item page should be verified in Search Console with one of the methods, but all seem impossible on a page where we have access only to an embed content :frowning:

  • the method: Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code doesn’t not work, because Envato item pages do not use this method for tracking
  • the method: HTML file upload, obviously, can’t be used because we can’t upload a HTML file directly on the item page
  • the method: HTML tag also can’t be used because we cannot add meta tags in the title part
  • the method: Domain name provider also can’t be used because we do not have access to the hosting provider
  • the method: Google Tag Manager also doesn’t work because the container snippet cannot be used in the item pages.

So… since no validation method can be used if you are not the website owner, the Search Console can’t be used with Envato item pages.

It would have been nice, because this way we could track acquisitions and search terms and other useful things :slight_smile: But it’s impossible. The only method remains to achieve the Elite status, where this information is available for authors with this status. :birthday::gift::wink:


With Elite status Envato gives you an Analytics tracking code and that’s all. I don’t know if there is a way to use that code to verify a property on Search Console, because there is Analytics verification method, but it doesn’t seem to work and I can’t understand what this method actually requires.


It has been brought up several times but Envato is too afraid to share data with authors or give more control to the author. If they wanted to allow it, it’s a single line code change that they need to make. Simply allow the verification meta on the item page.

The Google Analytics method won’t work because Envato’s Analytics code isn’t by the requirement on the item page.

Funny how giving authors more control would benefit them too but for some illogical reason, they believe that empowering authors will make them self-sufficient and become less reliant on Envato.


I don’t understand how advertising our products better would make us less reliant on Envato. In my view they have every reason to give us as access to the tools available out there so we can advertise our products and make more revenue. I don’t know, like you said - it’s illogical. GSC is like Analytics, but better.