Can author discriminate based on nationality/race and refuse service?


Our company is based in the United States however we have a pretty large assortment of clientele from all over the world. We recently took a new client from Poland that is planning on selling their products on the Russian Market.

Based on our agreement with them we have purchased a theme from themeforest and threw it on a russian domain. We immediately ran into issues with the theme and began to communicate with the author who turns out to be based in Ukraine…

Out of the 100+ themes I have purchased through Themeforest I have never seen service this bad. It is clear we are being completely ignored due to the Russian domain. My question is, can the author refuse service despite being contractually obligated to support the theme (At-least make sure the demo content works)…

What is the standard policy for this kind of problem as this is clearly discrimination and Racism which is illegal in most parts of the world? Will Themeforest stand up for their clients or is their policy the same as the Author’s.


I’m not sure if you read but most of the Russian authors on Envato are not getting paid since some long time as well as there’re sanctions from all over the world.

With that logic, especially authors from Ukraine may have reason to not to provide support the accounts with Russian domains.

Apart from that, there’re countries that on the black-list on Envato that you cannot login to the system ( if you do, your account will be blocked )

Considering all of the situations, most likely, you won’t be getting any support and disputing the problem may not solve anything.

So it is ok to discriminate based on their race/ethnicity who you provide support to, despite taking their money? The funniest part is the client is Polish…

I don’t want to get involved with any discussion related to the “politics” ( on Envato platform, we could argue elsewhere :slight_smile: )

but seems like you could notice the irony now.

Depending on the servers, you may have different results if the server is not supported fully, in these cases, authors may not be tied up by providing support especially making sure the demo content works.

I had similar issues on the servers located in UK/France and Russia/China, there’re limitations to the hosting due to “security” if the theme or demo data doesn’t work related on this issue, you need to solve the problem on your own

The server is located in Finland

The point is, related to the installation, it could be server related issues.