Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this project?

I can feel something wrong with my project, don’t know what exactly, maybe it is in wrong category or the price is too high?

This project had only one sale in 10 days, actually i am a former Revostock author, didn’t expect such low sale here!

Please share your thoughts with me.

Thank you

Low sales don’t always mean the project is bad, it’s probably just something buyers aren’t really interested in at the moment. Nowadays it’s all about minimal simple stuff, hard to get a unique item to sell well. Don’t beat yourself up about it. but also it’s true that this shouldn’t be in broadcast category, you should open a ticket to support and ask them to move it Openers,

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$million question my friend :slight_smile:

The purple preview image with white text looks a little cheap, maybe you need something closer to what you are selling for the actual preview to attract customers to your awesome video…Love the waves!!! You also need more items in your portfolio, to make more sales. All the best :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys for your advice @Voxyde @EFEKT_Studio @loswl

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’d add some video as well as still images, just to add a bit of variety to the preview. I think it’s slightly expensive for what it is as well. The effect itself is great, but is it worth $33 just for the effect? If you take away the waves then what are you left with?

In no way am I saying your work is cheap, it’s a great effect, I’m just thinking whether I’d pay $33 for my images to become all wavy unless I specifically needed my images to be wavy. If that makes sense?!

@SpaceStockFootage But actually the whole point is the wavy effect, if you take away that effect you’ll end up with some flat place holders with some camera animations like tons of other projects here, but why would you take away that effect? i’ve actually developed the concept for over 4 months :frowning:
What would be the optimal price for you to suggest?

It is a good project, well done. However, the wave effect makes it a little more specific…and narrows the market. Someone might like this for their sea or surf or summer …photos for instance… but not everyday photos… There are a ton of photo displays on vHive… so the competition is high… The effect is good and makes it unique… but simply there isn’t a high demand for the wave effect… it seems… Still it is a mystery to me why some projects sell so well while others don’t. Keep it and produce some others…