can anyone tell me what is the reason behind the rejection ??

hi I am sorry to tell u just this but as for me I simply do not get it … I have a real trouble to identify what is the concept here. the fact of the matter is that if I do not do, as a designer, then , this is ver likely that the “purchasing base” - in case the item had been accepted - would fail to understand that u address them … . U have to think about your “targeted audience” and in terms of what they may need , so to speak. Besides, according to me the item has a quite low commercial potential as regard to the fact that this is neither going o make customers / buyers feel like they will save some time out of buying this product and neither will they feel like that they can really go beyond their personally skills, talent and design app knowledge. The itrem can be redone in a couple of minutes without having ethereal skills. Needless to say that there is a negative impact on the commercial value and interest generated by the product. Otherwise , the imbrication of both illustration and text part is far from being appropriate and optimized and would need some rework and the spacing between the diverse parts looks rather random. The black and white aspect of the logo I kind of like it, but indeed, to be honest , most of the people will certainly feel that the logo looks rather as such and most of the people would like to imagine the item in colors, not only using a single plain color so that they can see what their logo would be all about, if u wish. I would also recommend that u try to use mockups to put the logo in contextual use , not to mention that it will help to make your logo look better and more worked out , too. The typo would certainly need a bit improvement as expectations are high here and , in my opinion , choosing to put caps in the name here is not super logical … if u do not, u will have an echo between the b-letter illustration and the name itself

informative response! Thanks a lot by the way

u are welcome if u feel like u have enough clues as what to do with your item, pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: