Can anyone tell me what is reason behind for hard rejection?

Hello Authors,

I submitted my first item 3 days agao and sadly i got a hard rejection with no clear reason. Can someone tell we why it was being rejected

Script Name : Multiple Currencies Crypto Faucet PHP Script

Script Description :
CryptoFaucet - Multiple CryptoCurrencies Faucet is a pure PHP Script. Crypto Faucet Script like any other Simple CryptoFaucet scripts but with more features and best performance like ADS Manager, Shorteners System Manager and the Support of Multiple Currencies Claim with a PowerFull AdminPanel with a better faucet control and easy management.

User Demo

Admin Demo

Used Libraries:
Bootstrap 5
SweetAlert 2

Free Licensed Images From:


  • Easy to install (one-click Installation)
  • Multiple Currencies Support & Claim​
  • Fully Responsive Desing
  • PowerFull AdminPanel
  • Anti-Fraud / Anti-Cheat System
  • RealTime Report
  • Easy to use


​PHP Version 7.x
MySQL Database

PHP Extensions:
Mysqli - Curl​ - mbstring​

I need your help to learn from this experience and don’t repeat same error in the next submissions


Out-dated design with bad color combination/spacing issues. In addition to that, I’m not sure about Envato’s policy on bitcoins script but they may not be accepting custom scripts anymore as at some point, first of all, it’s hard to maintain the scripts and update it as well as offer security updates, secondly, these systems are being used to scam the people recently.

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Thanks @ki-themes for your reply, first as they told me after contacted them they still accept cryptocurrencies script but i am not sure if they accept faucets scripts cause they didn’t give me any reason for the rejection.

about the design could you please specify the reason if found. for me it’s not that bad and it is fully responsive. any suggestion to make it better plz!

Any Help, Any Update, Any Suggestions Plz

I didn’t mention any responsibility issue, the problem is within the design and at this point, it’s general design, not few small details needs to be fixed. You need to consider for partnership with a graphic designer if you’re unable to see the issues - it’s beyond help and you need a new design

Maybe it’s old but it’s self designed and self developed and i don’t think it’s that much bad to get a hard rejection camparing to some listed scripts. anyway thanks a lot for your help i will try to do my best in next submission and work more on the front-end.

I will be thankfull if there is any other suggestion from other authors

Maybe this is the problem? I got warning from my AV about your site:

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Thanks @nicky75 maybe i made a big mistake by ading a live website, the demo website was sufficient. this is coming from a popup ad not from my script, it’s secure and clean. i have to take this step as an experience for the next submission and keep working on better projects and forget the 150 - 200 hours of work to make it as it is now with some good features that not exists in other similar scripts and by the end i got a hard rejection from codecanyon. it’s not easy to accept it but we can do nothing maybe i will sold it one day by creating my own store