Can anyone tell me the rejection reason of the item

Item again rejected not able to find reason.

Gagan Bhatia


You item design quality isn’t unique. You need to make your item design quality unique & aesthetic.

Common Rejection Reasons for Envato Market


Hi! you should paste the comment of the reviewer team, but there are some basic problems:

Incorrect line-height and spacing between icons:
Bland titles:
Needs work:
Not enough contrast and small titles:
Need a lot of attention to details:

Also you must add some unique features (main reason).


Thanks Estudio for your review. Reviewer comment, isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. Next time I will make sure, not do this mistakes. One thing i want to know what type of unique feature as i know i have gives most of the new features if you can help with one example that help me a lot.


Here is an example:

If you check this product, has pretty similar sections compared to your demo and has a lot more home page versions, that’s why the reviewer rejected this template, isn’t at the quality standard and you need more unique elements.


Thanks Estudio