can anyone help me with this background

hi everyone im a game designer i just want to ask how i can edit this background
to be a professional and i can sell it

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Hi if you can use vector based programs (corel draw or illustrator) you can edit

i use illustrator
the idea of background is good but its rejected on grahpiccriver
i want help

With respect, but I can’t imagine such a background in more than one “modern” game, you will have to try harder

Sincerely and have a nice day!

You have the same problems with this as you did with the other backgrounds you posted. The shapes don’t seem planned or refined, more of just random clicking with the pen tool.

Take a look at these items. They have a similar style that you’re going for. Look at what they did and figure out what works and why.

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hi , well the major problem that u have is an execution one … no doubt that u are using the pen tool and i think that using whatever u feel comfortable with is ok, though , this takes u to somehow some sone way to something that looks either realities and well executed and what u have to make sure about is that shapes ressemble what u want to create, at this stage , u have “teeth” about everywhere. U need to invest more time to make sure that every part is given the proper attention indeed. It would thus take u quite a long time to create such a scene … try to create more curvy shapes, play with gradient nets or with color variations to create the shadows, and so on that tree branches , grass, rocks and so on are having in nature. Also try to bring something coherent to the table , the landscape is much here in what u have , so why aren’t branches having some leaves in the end? try to play more subtly with colors too transitions are too raw right now

my advice is you can look

For what? You definitely shouldn’t be using any of that in your items that you sell.