Can anyone help me with these coding installation instructions?

Hello. I know absolutely NOTHING about code, coding etc. I have a WP site and use Thrive Architect to build it. I purchased a body fat calculator code from Envato CodeCanyon and do not understand the instructions-- as simple as they seem. Can someone show me in a tutorial or provide more detailed step-by-step instructions? Here is what the Author left as instructions:

  1. Open the “source” folder
  2. Copy the “css” and “js” folders + one of the “BF_” prefixed file that you have selected, to your server and you’re ready to go
  3. Additionally, you can open the selected “BF_” prefixed file with a text editor copy the code and paste it inside your website

All of the files are either chrome html, javascript, and CSS. I made this short video explaining.


If it is this Body Fat Calculator by triplumi | CodeCanyon

Then it is not a Wordpress plugin but according to the author it can be implemented in Wordpress too. I would encourage you to ask the author for help.

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The instructions don’t sounds like a WP plugin

They also sound a bit ambiguous because once the JS and CSS is uploaded you still need to inject these files correctly using the relevant paths with the right page where you plan to paste the actual calculator code and have it operational

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Aha! Thank you!

Thank you. Hopefully, there some code somewhere in those files I can copy and paste into my site.

Thanks again.


I would guess (without seeing the help files and coding) that when you login to your wordpress site it looks to me like you are using some sort of Elementor or WYSIWYG editor - not the standard wordpress editor that allows you to switch to code view?

It would be more than likely something that can be achieved by using code rather than a standard wordpress plugin, and if you contact the author I’m sure they could help you.