Can anyone help me with the reasons why my items rejected?

My flyers rejected the second time. I can not understand why. I change them, I change the design, I remove smth, I add something, but they are rejected anyway. If you make an easy design flyers are easily accepted, if it is already more difficult, it is always rejected.


How this flyer is related to 80’s? for me it looks more futuristic then the past, its not visually appealing, the pink is little too much, its too many objects, untidy and not clear to read. Perhaps some 80s feel to it and a bit cleaner design might work. Sorry i didn’t mean to be rude, i wanted to be clear, apologies if I’m.


I think the text layout needs work - the lower text looks a bit underworked. Plus the empty real estate above the main title could be brought into play to make a more balanced text layout. The colours and the main title are nice, although the big text looks blurry for some reason.

Looks like they are going for the same kind of 80s inspired style as this author - take a look

But there’s a way to go here to reach that kind of standard, plus more can be done for example with font choice to create a more retro look.

yeah i think so too that this is going for the same kind of thing but this one compare with that there is lot of room for improvement, like i mentioned earlier.

Thank you so much, I will work)

I understand all that you have mentioned. Because i create the item in this style first time,I can make mistakes in many respects)

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