Can anyone help me with my mistakes about these logo?


I created this logo and decided to sell it here on graphic river, but it got rejected, can someone please tell me whats wrong with it?

hi i think that this is not bad in a genera way , though there are some things that definitely should be improved …
1- color
if i understand that u tried to create something contrasting enough, i have to assume that i tend to believe that this hard to understand why u opted for the yellow of the shield all the same … it looks a bit like coming out of the blue so to speak … i think also that u should use more complementary colors indeed or play with shade versions of the same color too …
2- shape of the leaf
as for me i think that the upper part of the leaf is not completely well executed enough … it could be more realistic if u ask me and a bit more punchy too
3- global style
i like what u done in a general way but however i think that u could turn what u have done into something much more modern again … made of cut shapes with the pathfinder like following today’s trends …
4- imbrication
this is about imbricating and spacing indeed, as for me, u should bring the text part a bit up so that the text and the illustration imbricate much much more , it will increase the harmony resulting from the logo indeed
5- contrast and readability
this is cool to have a color variation like the one u have here but the text is hardly readable all the same , the color of the text should contrast more with the background indeed
6- typo
the typo is clean but introducing variations , a bit more originality and font combinations would definitely help u to have the logo accepted here … :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your response and feedback

u have a cool base to work with if u cary on these possible improvements this should make to for sale i think :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: