Can anyone help me with getting started with Hummingbird?

Hi everyone! I recently bought the theme Hummingbird. It looked great in the demo, but after struggling with it for a while, I have no idea how to turn the blank theme into the demo.

The documentation is not that helpful in setting up the theme. The only thing I haven’t tried is something called the Hero Section. In the documentation it says to navigate to appearance>customize>hero settings. But when I do that, there is no option for hero settings. I’ve also looked to see if there was the demo information I could import, but all I can find are PHP files.

Please help out! I have contacted the author and still haven’t heard back.

Hey @nickmoran08,

Reckon you can send me a link to the Humingbird theme you downloaded? I can see there are a few.

If you purchased the theme recently, the author should be providing support for the item. If they’re not, it would be worth checking in to make sure they’re ok and chase them up for an answer.

Not sure if anyone else here has purchased the theme recently enough to provide advice?