Can Anyone Help Me Why My Submission Got Rejected ?

Here is my product link. Any Help Is Appreciated.

What’s inside the link? a login form? please explain in detail what you have made?

Yes, a Login Form made with Bootstrap 3

If the form on that link is it then you are a long way from the standards for here

It has to offer premium value, options, features etc.

There’s no point in having a “register” or “terms” page if they don’t go anywhere or do anything

And What are those standards ? can you tell me. And It’s just only a bootstrap theme. What do you mean by premium value, options, features etc. can you explain me ?

In the case of a form like this

  • multiple options, fields, features

  • different layouts, uses

  • functionality i.e. something actually happens when completing the form

Basically stuff to make it worth people paying money rather than downloading a freebie

Bear in mind that popular form items are builders ie. people can build whatever layout and functionality they want or require so a basic form is not going to cut it