Can anyone help me to improve my template

Hey all! i have became as member on evato (themeforest and codecanyon) since May 2015 i have submited alot of things didnt accepted (some hard rejected and others as soft [by the way, i have sold them on other web sites]) so there is no item on my themeforest wall and i really want to start on it …
i created a template , please if you can to give me what i can do to let it better and good look and feel to be published on themeforest
Thank you for your time!

I would suggest you to choose a popular template from themeforest and dig it by your own (copy it) so that you can learn those things you need necessarily to turn the crap (whatever you shared) into a cryptonite !! Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thank you (even i dont like insperation) , About this, is there something to change to leave it good, Color schema, Typography,Margin Padding and more

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The best advice would be to give up, familiarize yourself with the necessary standards and start a fresh file.

With all due respect this is way way off where it needs to be.

  • Typography is not good

  • The section titles scattered about does not work

  • Design is very unusual and needs a lot of tidying up and modernizing

  • Severe lack of hierarchy

  • Images in blog post stretched


great! thank you, so build another from scratch ?

It’s your choice but it looks like you would need to change so much from there that it is probably easier/quicker to start over

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