Can anyone help me to get clarity on this points here - highly appreciated

Hello, everyone,

I would like to get clarity on the following points.
Unfortunately the FAQ did not really help me in this matter.

I therefore ask for a clear answer to these points.

1. where do you indicate when you are finished with a project?

2. if a project is finished, can the content still be used after the subscription has ended on other projects?

I would be happy to receive feedback.

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  1. You don’t.
  2. No. But even if your subscription was still valid, you still have to register any additional uses, to make sure authors are fairly compensated.
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  1. Visit your downloads and simply register it for a end use (your finished project).
  2. Want to use an item again? No problem! Visit your downloads and simply register it again for a different end use. but You have to be actively Subscribed to the platform(elements) when the project is going on and completed I.e you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription.
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Thank you so much :heart:

That was actually exactly what I was looking for - I also appreciate the fact that you already answered so fast did not expect that at all that’s definitely a plus for me.

Have a nice day

Can I contact you in case I have further questions?

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Thank you as well,

Especially the answer to point 2.

You helped me understand the concept behind that, now I am more aware.

Have a nice day and you are doing a great job helping people in this forum :blush:

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if you need any help or have any query you can share in forum and we forum community will try our best to assist you or send you to the right track. Thanks

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