Can anyone help me identify this symbol?


I’m working on this tutorial: and at 21:21 there is this symbol that I attached (the symbol on the right). I have now idea what it is, can’t find it anywhere and now can’t complete the tutorial.

Can anyone help me please? I really want to compete the whole effect!



I don’t know if this helps but I found that symbol used here -

It’s some kind of Unicode symbol. I found it again, here -

Yes, I see now it’s Unicode. Thanks for replying!

Thanks for this, at least now I understand better what it is. Unfortunately I still have no clue how to resolve my issue, since the symbol is displayed in the tut video, there’s no way to decode it…

Any bright ideas?

Does this help? It was a link below the Flickr image.


Sorry for my slow reply. I checked it out, unfortunately no luck there. Thanks for the effort. I really still hope to figure this out…

Well, shucks! I wish you good luck! LOL

Probably this is just what you want to avoid: contact the webmaster. Of course, he can avoid answering.