can anyone help me finding a theme ?

hello i am looking for a theme but i am not able to find it so i create a illustration of what i want ,
the theme template is simeple i just need my latest post on homapage , in a single row , a sidebar , header navigation footer ,
here is what i want
Thanks in advance


Did you search or you have just put post here that someone else search for you??

Modernize theme by GoodLayers has a layout like that.

spend my month searching it for

thanks you but not looking as much beautiful as i want ,

You will not find out of box solution. You will need to use plugin , template and some custom code. If you don’t have any experience it is better who will make good looking and professional site?
And don’t except that will cost you 99$

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okay , ty , i can try to do myself can you please suggest me any plugin ?