Can anyone give feedback before upload my logo?

hi , i am really sorry to tel u just this as i guess u did your best , but honestly the logo is really miles away from the standards of one of the toughest categories in GR … The fact of the matter is that , as much, an experienced designer would not take than 2 minutes to redo it and it would not take much time and effort to someone who has simply cool knowledge of tools … in other words, the item , right now has no commercial potential if u ask me. People would not really save time out of buying it and thus would rather save money and do by themselves if they really liked it … in addition, there is a very structural issues about your logo … this is because of the very concept, it looks not aligned, even it is … this is due to the angle part … in addition, of course , if the typo part can be regarded as “clean” this is also really super flat and sort of tasteless and normally , here , as regards to the usual standards as far as typo goes, no matter where u are posting, this is really not anywhere soon from being enough as for i understand … I would also recommend that u try to give the presentation a bit more attention , trying to “put your logo in context”, using mockups and so on would help u to have a more pro presentation, more selling and everything indeed

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