Can anyone give feedback before upload my logo?

Thank you in advance!! Your suggestions are most welcome :slight_smile:


You use 3 different elements chefs hat, pizza and fork that are not related (there are 3 different graphic styles). You just grab these elements from free vector websites and place it together. Are you sure you have the proper license to use it in commercial projects?

Also you have too many small details on pizza. The font doesn’t fit well. Colors are too raw.
It is clearly visible that you did not draw the logo elements

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hi the fact of the matter is that maybe this one could make it for custom freelance work, depending on the type of customer that u have , but here , for a logo template, this is simply not done … the logo, at this stage is too detailed and details are also a problem insofar as people judge of the quality of the logo here in small size and in small size details look bad or not aesthetics in most of cases … especially when u have part of the illustration , like the hat , for instance, which turns out to have too thin of stroke or that the fork is in a color that is not contrasting enough form the background … pls let me remind u off the fact that contrast is a basic design principle and that violating this is clearly not a good idea to say the least … this is bit like shooting a bullet in your foot …
the color combinations look too random, they are not abiding by any of the usual “rules” fron the design industry … complementary colors, shades of the same color, or theme color codes are generally a pretty good idea and a safe choice indeed , this avoids very unlike color combinations like orange-yellow and green where the contrast is not good and the aesthtics definitely not around the corner ,…
the typo part is clean but also rather flat to say the least and this would take more variations, font combinations, touches of originality and so on so that the typo is more likely reach gras standards and that the logo looks more outstanding, more worked out and creative too