Can anyone explain me what's wrong in this item?

Dear All,

I’m very upset that my hard work got wasted. I can’t understand what’s wrong on my side and what should I learn from this rejection!

Here is the reviewer traditional keywords:

-quality standard
-‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics
-aesthetics and attention to details

I’ve searched a lot of things in this article “
But nothing found helpful.

Please help who already got that same message on rejection or anyone have the experience about this.

This will help me a lot in a future submission.

Many many thanks.

Still found no help! What that means?

Please help me to learn for future submission. I’m just confused about rejection. Please help. I’m not new on Envato market but I’m new on WordPress category.


It’s reiterating that WP has the highest standards and even if a design is approved as a PSD or html doesn’t guarantee WP approval.

You are likely to need to explore more features, functionality, page/post examples etc to extend the value and potential of the item, plus also identify opportunities to refine and tighten the core design

Thanks for reply on my post. Yeah I understand that there need more features and functionality, but I don’t understand about Hard Reject. It’s can be soft reject and according to reviewer feedback I could learn more that what should be improvements. There are thousands of theme on TF, and of course all theme design and layout should be unique. And I believe my design is also unique or standard. But this is not my point that my design is standard. The point is I’ve learned nothing after this hard rejection. That’s my point.

BTW, thanks for your attention in my post.

Unfortunately, hard rejections are pretty common in this scenario because technically there is not a lot to feedback on which need fixing, as much as there is a need to evolve the theme and that’s not really something the reviewer would guide on

Thanks again for reply on me. Actually I just want to know that what is the issue in my submission.

  1. coding
  2. functional
  3. design
  4. features
  5. WordPress function rules
  6. Or anything I have done wrong

That’s I want to be clear.


Honestly, I’ve another HTML item approved on TF. If I don’t know the issue is, I can’t begin to develop another theme (HTML to WP). Since I’m new in WordPress category, I can’t go further theme development for TF.

Please help me what should I do now.

Here’s a list of technical expectations

I definitely think it would be worth adding more post type demos, different individual portfolio item pages, variations on about etc. and so on

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Thank you so much Sir. Really appreciated your attention on my post.
Wish you have a good day.