Can anybody tell me which themes I can download if I'm going for a monthly subscription.

Hi All,
I’m a new comer to Web design and Envato.
I have a basic question about the Envato Subscription.
If I’m going for a monthly subscription(i.e $16.50/month), then which themes I can get to download.
Please help.

Elements is separate than Envato Market and not all the items on Envato Market ( as like themeforest, codecanyon, graphicriver ) are available on Elements. But there are still plenty to choose from. Here’s the current list of WordPress themes and WordPress Plugins and HTML Template


You can download all of theme that are exist on Envato Element
Other CMS


I have decided to Buy a wordpress theme Named: FOTON for my own website, along with that I want to buy some selected themes i.e. SILICON, INCUBUTOR & UTOUCH etc. just to keep them as a stock for future as I’m now into the web design business.

So, Will I be able to do that if I’m going for the subscription, because I can’t Find them from the list provided in your answers @mgscoder, @unlockdesign . .

Thank You.

Sorry to say those theme are not included in elements but you can purchase those themes from if you find any Item in elements then you can collect them from elements if you subscribe there. Thanks

Anyway, Thank You Very much.

Worth mentioning also that you cannot stockpile items (store for the future) from elements.
You need to be subscribed when competing the project

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