Can anybody recommend any UK accountants?

Can anybody recommend any good UK based accountants that have experience with authors on Envato?


Dont know about in regards to being an author here but these guys are great for general accounts and tax stuff and not that expensive

Thanks for your response Charlie. I contacted a similar company to this called crunch accounting and they said they wouldn’t be able to help me as I’d have log each sale and there would be too many invoices for the system to handle.

I’ll contact CleverAccounts to see what they say.

That does make some degree of sense unfortunately. As mentioned I don’t know if these guys can help when it comes to envato - you may need an independent person which is annoying because they could be quite a bit more expensive.

The alternative is to compile your own records and total invoices etc. and provide a company like this with those which may make it more possible?

good luck