Can anybody from Envato help me to solve my issues? Ticket #624475


Ticket #624475

I opened this ticket some weeks ago, but still was not solved. Everything explained in the ticket, but I didn’t receive any reply for a week.


Try to send a new one maybe?


Main problem is that they do not receive emails from my email box, that is connected with my envato account. So I have to send it from another email box, last time when we was chatting they assigned that 2nd email box.

I’m afraid we will have to repeat this procedure again.


I have 2 problems:

  1. envato support does not receive my emails from my main account

  2. I have problems with pagination in comments when click on url in email about new comment.

Details about the 2nd issue:
in my email about new comment on my item’s page I have this URL:

You can reply to the comment here:

when I click it opens page 246, but there isn’t such comment on that page, that comment is on page 247. So I can not easily find that comment on wrong page.

Then when I found this comment on page 247, then I click on its date to open exactly this comment - its url when I hover is

but it still opens page 246 with URL

The screen:



I see you received a reply on Oct 21 from our Help Team. Did you not receive the reply? Have you tried opening a Help Ticket with a different email address?



last time when we were chatting they assigned my 2nd email box

and the last reply was November 10

Hi, the person who is able to assist me with this and can investigate about the reason this might be happening is going to be back next Monday. I’d love to help you on this email address in the meantime if you like?I’m looking forward to your reply,
kind regards.Mel
Level 2 Help Officer


I sent a reply after that message.