Can any one help me!

I uploaded an ecommerce website built with vue 3 and node js, but it got hard rejection because it doesn’t fit the quality standards.

the design is modern, responsive, clean and unique.

This is the demo (register to see all pages)

Please, i need help, i have worked alot to create it.

  1. You can’t expect anyone esp. the reviewer to have to register to see pages or content. This could prevent the item even being reviewed at all.

  2. Non-functional footer navigation needs fixing

  3. Settings icon bottom left doesn’t do anything

  4. When you click into categories the items are close together then spread as you scroll down. Is that intentional?

  5. there is room for improvement with the item previews esp. the pricing typography

  6. Item description pages could be improved - the info panel has a lot of empty space, the single layout of images doesn’t work for different products, and is messy on mobile as is some of the item info sections

  7. The reviews and blog intros where there are just a few words feels very unfinished as does copy and paste categories etc.

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ThemeForest is for themes of popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, etc. If you’ve developed your own platform like it appears you have done here, then your item belongs on CodeCanyon.

I also agree very strongly with Charlie’s first point – you should pre-fill the login page with working details. You can’t expect potential buyers to register themselves, they’ll just go find a different item instead.

P.S. I registered, went to admin > billings, and immediately got a “something went very wrong” error with a blank page. Looks like a permission issue – don’t reject the request on the live demo, instead anonymize any details as necessary.