Can any one help me?

I submitted lots of logo templates but everything got hard rejected…is it need anything important?
i followed the same guidelines in envato market…
2.Vector AI cs6
3. Vector EPS 10
4.Given font link
5.editable text
these all are i folllowed…Thank you!

As a rule, the reason for reject is low quality of design and not technical organization. If you want someone give you advice & feedback, you should show your rejected items here

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As @romlam said, you should show your files here so that anyone can give you some feedback. Please share your files here.

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Thank you @romlam and @KCMediaOfficial
for your support

Sure. I ll show you the rejected item…

for me this is about 10 minutes to make your logos in vector. Why should I buy them?

What I writed above is the key for you to understand. Our ( My and Your buyers) are not 70 year old company owners - our buyers are more younger, and very often they are designers looking for time safe.

Do you understand ? :slight_smile:

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yeah… i understood @Novocaina
Thank you:blush::blush: