can any one from india can tell me how many days it will take to represent our money in bank from payoneer

hi guys,

any one from india using payoneer. Then my question is for them ?
Iam recently shifted my payment process from paypal to payoneer but I dont know much about payoneer .

For every time when I have withdraw from paypal it takes 3 to 4 days time to represent money in my bank account, Any one know how many days it will take for payneer, Because Iam with commitments its very important to know this ?

Its usually 1 to 2 business days, better than paypal.

Same :slight_smile: i am also changed the payment process to paypal to payoneer. Thanks for the info. And what about the fees?

Less that 5 hours. It is very fast.

Yes. @MotionMAX believe me… You’ll get the payment on the same day before noon.


Believe me… :smiley:

yup… :grin:

thanks drsankarl

I believe you surjithctly. I always

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sure and thanks crelegant :slight_smile:

one more question is it really ture that payoneer takes lesser than paypal while conversion of dollor to rupees

Yes. But you don’t feel any difference if you transfer small amount.

anyway its happy to hear it our money will represent in account in one day. This month paypal has taken upto 4 days to transfer it.