Can a track become popular longtime after its release ?

Hello everybody ! I’m a new AJ author and i would like to know if an item can strat selling well longtime after its relase. I’m asking that because i wonder how important are the release on the “new items page” and the moment choosen for that, thanks :wink:


Say a VH author finds your track weeks/months/years after it’s initial release, and the project gain a lot of exposure. Your project may receive the same exposure and lots of sales which could put you into the popular files.

The initial exposure you get in the new items page is your bread and butter, especially if you have a small portfolio. The more items you release, the more prime time exposure you bring to the rest of your portfolio.

So yes, it is quite possible that an item can keep selling long after it’s release.

Definitely! But it’s rare. Like ZerioLink said, if your track is used in a popular VH project, your track may start selling again.

A good example is the AJ author Leto, who gave his 10-month old track new life by making a New Year’s Eve countdown version that in turn was used in a massive VH project. His track then quickly rose from a forgotten track to the top selling track of last week. So yes, it’s rare but definitely possible!

Thanks ! :wink:

I uploaded a seasonal track exactly one year ago, had a few sales then silence. During these holidays it has become trending and earned me a couple of badges.

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