can a theme ME installed at 2 domain? Magna themes?

Hello I have a question:
for a year now I have set up the theme Me one pages on 2 domains. Recently, the photos are no longer shown on 1 domain. Could this be because I can only use 1 theme per domain?

No!! Each license for each domain.

definitely you should to purchase 2 license for the 2 domains use. but for licensing issue image display should not affected because images should load from your domain/website but theme functionality premium features can be restricted by the author and ask for theme license registration with unique purchase code (license).

Thanks for the answer but I get no response from the author :frowning:

thanx for your response !

If I now change the theme at 1 domain, will the problem be solved?

you should contact the theme author. according to license terms each license will be valid for a single end product.

I get no response from the author :frowning:

The author said in another comment that he’s not getting comment notifications on items for some reason, so you might be better contacting them through the message box on their profile page. Plus… make sure you’re logged in to the account that you bought the theme through, as none of the comments you’re leaving are showing the ‘purchased’ badge, which could be be an issue.