Can a single page website be SEO Friendly?

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I was planning till today for building a single-page website for a dry cleaning business in London. But one of my friends told me that a single-page website is would not meet the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards.
Is he writing or what should I do regarding my query?
Thank you.

That is a very general view and depends on a lot of things.

Typically a single-page site will not rank as well as a multi-page site but that does not mean that (esp. with the right content, links, user experience, and optimisation) it will not rank at all.

these are insights to this from two of the most respected sources on this stuff here and here


SEO - Search engine opitmization. Yes, you can optimize a one page to be search engine friendly.

Will that make the goal you’re after (make it to 1st place in search results? No.

Site needs content too. And if the content is well made, and plus has SEO, then you have a winner.

If there’s no content to start with you cannot do anything, so on a one-pager you usually have a few heading and a paragraph or two with icons and a few texts. Analyze how many words are there, how many phrases and you will see that the amount is quite low. So, a multi page website, would have more pages, more text, more urls and from that point it’ll be always better.

A good thing to compensate is, make a blog aside, which’ll drive traffic in the beggining.

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Thanks a lot, charlie for your guidance. It really helped me to identify the actual point.

Thanks a lot, @XforWooCommerce really you write very well and the way to taught me is quite clear and words are very easy for a person like me. Now I would like to go with a multi-page website.
Or in case of making a single page website I’ll make a blog website.
@XforWooCommerce can you please suggest me a blog website from where I can drive traffic to my website

Thank You Once Again.

Your current website is shooting yourself in the foot -

Squarespace websites can only optimise so far, and the process is different

Your pages do not have a great deal of content or links etc, so are not adding much value even if it is a multi-page site

Creating pages for the sake of it is actually detrimental

Looking at the level of content that you have - a one-page site would almost certainly be better and drive a greater level of interaction and engagement (again too many clicks to go through all the services etc. is not helpful, especially when these pages are not optimised for search themselves, compared to, for example, a carousel of services that puts it in front of users and easily accessible.

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thanks for the great complement

Actually the same fault I have mentioned with my development company. But they are claiming it is an SEO-friendly website.
Oh My God.
What To Do
Please show me the right way.

the current one is a SEO friendly website?

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I think it is not. That is why I want to convert it from Squarespace to WordPress and add some pages to put my content as you said above.

The thing is that there is a difference between ‘SEO friendly’ and ‘SEO optimised’

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oh my God, it’s really confusing. Anyhow, I will contact you back once I discuss it with my team.
Thank You.

stick the url in here i think you will find it useful

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ok sure thank you.

It is a very good question, I think it depends on the type of niche you are working, it can be a landing page of some kind of service, in that case, you need to make sure that everything on the landing page is SEO friendly.